Your personality based on how you transport in Lagos

Lagos, the most populous city in Nigeria is the home of different people from different places across the country, and the world as well.

While some act right, others don’t, and that is normal, seeing as people can never be the same. To each, their own different and unique personality.


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This week on our weekly quiz, we want to know your personality based on your day-to-day mode of transportation in the city of Lagos.

When there is traffic on the side of the road you're driving on and the other side is free, what do you do?

How long should it take you to get to Ikeja from Yaba when there is traffic?

How far is Obalende to Awolowo Road, Ikoyi?

If the traffic is taking longer than two hours, what do you do?

If you're detained by traffic officials, what's the most likely offense you committed?

Who you are based on your Lagos lifestyle
Danfo Driver

Breaking the law for a living, and causing chaos on Lagos road.
Okada Rider

Always on the fast lane. No sleeping on a bicycle.
Waka Waka

E no too far, make we trek am. So, with your Leggediz Benz, you'll walk from Maryland to Yaba

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