How Mr. Rasak almost fell on the wrong side of the Law

He came abruptly into the office, not bothering with any pleasantries, he launched into a tirade.

“The law, I’m in trouble! Temi bami” (I am done for)! “All my life investment is going down the drain! E maa wo mi niran” (Don’t look at me helplessly). “E dakun, e sanu mi” (Please, have mercy on me).

I looked at him calmly, wondering what could have made Mr Rasak, the easy going and Industrious man burst into such lamentation.

“What is the matter Mr Rasak?  E calm down k’e so fun mi (Calm down and tell me).” I told him, looking intently at him.

Mr Rasak launched into the story of how his former employer, who is deceased now, gave him a plot of land as a gift in appreciation for serving him diligently and faithfully while working for him.

The children of the deceased are now grown up now and are contesting the ownership of the land with Mr Rasak. This has resulted into a legal tussle.

“Where is the document indicating the transfer of the land to you as a gift? I’m referring to a deed of gift done by your lawyer or his own lawyer.” I asked.

“Ahhhhhhhh! K’olorun f’òrun’ re ké won (God rest his soul). Baba likes me and trust me very much.”  He replied, hitting the table hard for emphasis. “There was no formal agreement between us. He only called me that day, asked me to drive him and his two brothers to a place. He gave the land to me, as a gift in their presence.”

He completed, stretching his hands wide, beads of sweat rolling down his forehead this time.

“Where are those two brothers now?” I asked.

“Won ti ku! (They are deceased now).Barrister, e gba mi. The building on that land is worth millions of Naira! Ahhh…Aye mi! (My life)


“Barrister, are you in the office?” Mr Rasak asked from the other end of the phone.

“Yes, I’m I……….”

“I’m coming right away” He said, cutting me short abruptly.

It turned out that, A younger brother of Mr Rasak’s former employer, who was favorably disposed to him,  found an old diary in the deceased’s library, endorsing the date and details of the land gift transaction.

That was the only saving grace for Mr Rasak.

Many people have entered into stiffling and choking situation because there was no formal agreement when entering into a contract or an agreement.

—: Do you know that, you are responsible for yourself when dealing with anyone?

—: Do you also realize that, the obligation to get a lawyer to draft a proper contract is on the person whose Interest is at stake?

It’s not enough to get a ‘Copy and Paste’ template from Google. It’s best to have a tailored fit agreement for you and your client, to avoid any misunderstanding in the future

Mind you, the Vendor or the seller also has an obligation to hire a lawyer, the obligation to hire a lawyer is not limited to the Recipient or the Purchaser alone.

In another situation, there was no lawyer to review the agreement done by the other party. The latter accepted all the terms on the KLT( Know, Like and Trust) Factor and realized the error in doing that, at a late hour.

In all your Contract and Agreement, ensure that there is a lawyer reviewing the contract made by the first party.

If possible, have a meeting where both lawyers are present to deliberate on the terms of the Agreement or Contract.

Not everyone gets lucky like Mr Rasak, and remember, Damage Control is very expensive!

P.S- The story is purely fiction. It is not based on real life event.

The Pretty and Petite Lawyer,
Aunty Taye ❤

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