nightlife in Lagos

Who you are based on your nightlife in Lagos

The nightlife in Lagos is a fun and interesting lifestyle, especially if you know your way around. You get to see the beauty of Lagos when all the hustle and bustle of the city has presided. When Boda Luku, the impatient Danfo driver that will hit your car and tear your bumper is already at his favorite ‘Shepe’ joint drinking to the weekend.

The nightlife in Lagos, however, is not for everybody. Coming from the Lagos of some years ago where it was dangerous to walk around in the night to the one we now enjoy safety from now, a lot of people have different stories to tell about nightlife in Lagos, most scared of moving around late at night because of one experience or the other.

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For some, that is why they never get to experience the nightlife in Lagos. Mostly for fear of the unknown as they never get to witness it firsthand but have heard stories.

In this quiz, we test the category of people you belong to based on your nightlife choices in Lagos.

How often do you go out all night on Fridays?

Where is the best place to have fun on a Friday night?

When you're out with your friends at night, which of this is your mindset?

I have trekked from Fadeyi to Palmgroove at 1am. What is your reaction?

Which is a deal breaker for you?

Your rep in Lagos based on your nightlife
Area Father

Double Tuale!!! You be senior for this street. Boys dey clear road for you based on your level
Fresh Ajebutter

You dey wan follow street, but when dem break bottle near you, you dey always shiver
Omo Get Inside

You dey wan follow your people commot, but your parents go beat you


Nightlife in Lagos is awesome, and we can tell you that for a fact because we live and eat it. But also, we understand that for each person, there is a distinct choice and lifestyle which makes us all unique. So, while you choose to live to the fullest, be sure you are okay with the choices you make.

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