Wedding Jollof Vs Other Jollof: Which is your pick?

Jollof rice or ‘Jellof’ rice as popularly called by some parts of Western Africa where the dish originated from is a tasty meal made with rice, tomato sauce, pepper, onions, and different spices.

There have been a lot of controversies surrounding this delicacy, mostly with comparison in which is the best jollof rice. Here, we are curious which people enjoy more between the ‘Wedding Jollof’ or the ‘Other Jollof’, ‘Other Jollof’ being jollof rice cooked in the privacy of your home, served at namings, burials, or other functions.

There is a Jollof War you might not even know about.

Jollof straight from the cooking pot

We spoke with people and here are the interesting answers we got.


Wedding Jollof tends to be sweeter based on personal experience.

The ambiance of the wedding party conditions you to enjoy the Jollof rice. It is always accompanied by a cold drink to complete the equation.

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80% of weddings done nowadays are done in a rush and they try to manage resources, so it means not enough resources will be put into the preparation of wedding Jollof as against other Jollof.

There is a high chance of you not getting to taste out of the wedding Jollof because of the crowd. The quality of wedding Jollof can never match other Jollof because the other Jollof is mostly for personal consumption so you can decide to make experiments with the ingredients.


Other Jollof is always sweeter, like naming Jollof for example.

Other Jollof is prepared without pressure like burial Jollof. You can decide to eat other Jollof in the privacy of your home and just sleep afterward.


There will always be a rivalry between different Jollof and it is actually interesting with the memes and comparisons flying around social media. While some people always have varying opinions about different jollof rice, people like me just want to eat sweet jollof rice no matter which it is.

2 Replies to “Wedding Jollof Vs Other Jollof: Which is your pick?”

  1. Well I feel gone are the days party jollof was top notch. However, when your caterer is the bomb, you’d get the best party jollof. But if you’re trying to manage cost and all, you’re likely not to get the best result. Tho we have someone caterers whether the money is much or not they’d deliver.
    For me, the other jollof does it. It taste better these days

  2. I agree with one comment, weddings now are done in a rush so the rice no dey too sweet again some wedding rice no dey done enter. So please give me naming ceremony rice or burial rice of an 80, 90 or 100 year old departed. E dey go well

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