Transportation in Lagos: Impact on health and recommendations

When we talk about transport in Lagos State, I am sure the first thing that comes to people’s mind is the amount of time spent commuting. Whether you have lived in Lagos for just a little over a year (or more) or were born here like me, you would have experienced at least two or more hours of nerve-wracking traffic.

Asides from the annoyance of being in traffic congestion for long hours, missing important meetings, not being able to dump your car somewhere and start walking home, there are many more issues linked to transportation.

Environmental impacts of transportation

  • One of the impacts of vehicular activities is the tons of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere yearly. The greenhouse effect is not terrible in itself, but the more the greenhouse gases, the hotter it becomes.
  • Air pollution is another impact on the transport system. With the increase of vehicles on our roads, there is a high release of exhaust fumes in the atmosphere.
  • Oil spillage from vehicles washed from the roadside flow into the soil thereby contaminating it.
  • If you live in Lagos, you will not be alien to the noise pollution on Lagos roads. It is either from bus drivers honking just because they can or as a sign of greeting, blocked roads from parties. It is safe to say that Lagos is hardly ever quiet.
  • We cannot have land-based transport without roads, this impacts on land set aside for indigenous trees which help to combat climate change.

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It is not all gloom with the transportation sector, it brings with it thriving social and economic growth. This then leads me to talk about recommendations and the way forward.


  • The government can look into improving the public transport system to encourage more people to use them.
  • For business owners, you can endeavor to go for suppliers closer to you to reduce travel time.
  • If you can carpool known as ride-sharing, please do, it reduces time and distance driven on the road.
  • It is important to carry out routine checks and maintenance on your car. This helps to reduce the amount of pollution your car releases.
  • If you can walk or ride your bicycle you should. This is such a win-win situation as you get to reduce pollution and get the exercise in.

Ultimately, having a healthier Earth starts with us making changes. I believe we can all do our little to make the Earth a better place, either by changing our oil filter regularly or choosing to walk instead of taking a bike.


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  1. Transport in Lagos State is one of the bad thing about the State. I love how this article highlighted the issues and methods to counter it.

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