The Lagos Hustle: Through ÀDÙKÉThePlug, A Thriving Businesswoman In Lagos

Running a business in Lagos is not easy. In fact, eight out of ten people will tell you it’s an extreme sport, considering policies, environmental factors, market struggles, and all. Regardless, there are people who run their businesses in Lagos effectively. That is not to say they don’t run into challenges like every other person but that they realize the ‘hustle’ must continue.

While there are those who work 9-5 jobs, leaving for work as early as 5 am every morning in order to beat Lagos traffic, there are others who cannot cope with that life. They are the artisans, menial workers, and entrepreneurs amongst others.

In a conversation bordering on the ‘Lagos Hustle,’ we spoke to ÀDÙKÉ, a Businesswoman from the Ilupeju area of Lagos on the challenges of running her business, how Lagos impacts how she runs her business and one thing she’ll commend Lagos for.

ÀDÙKÉ who runs her business through the name ÀDÙKÉThePlug calls herself the plug for all her customer’s necessities which is how she came by the name of her brand. She believes she can help you find anything you need and want as long as it is in this world and legal, ranging from fashion wears, lands, sex toys and so much more. In simple terms, she’s a one-stop store for all you need.


Speaking about the challenges she faces in running her business, she commented on the struggles she faces with dispatch riders.

“They can drive you crazy and make you shed tears that a relationship can’t. Due to numerous years in the business, I found the best ones for me.”

The experience in Lagos markets can be crazy, from testimonies from women harassed in the Tejuosho market in Yaba to being duped by ‘hustlers’ in Computer Village. ÀDÙKÉ, speaking on her worst market experience explains why all of her experiences aren’t so great. 

Due to the nature of her business, she has to cover several markets from the Balogun market to Idumagbo, Idumota, and Mandillas. For those who know what this is like, it can be a real mess if you don’t know what you are looking for.

She also explained how living in Lagos has impacted how she runs her business. According to her, most of her existing and prospective customers reside in Lagos, and also, most people don’t like the idea of going to the park to pick up their items, especially because dealing with bus drivers is a different level of stress for them, so having most of her customers in Lagos makes things easier for both parties.

Lagos markets, however, with all their cons do not come without a pro. When we asked ÀDÙKÉThePlug what she commends Lagos for when it comes to running her business, she explains she is glad she gets a large market where she can get everything at once.

“A large market I can get all I need even if I have to hustle and bustle around. It gives me joy knowing I can get most of the things my customers need within this state called Lagos.”

Running businesses in Lagos can be demanding, but through it all, we always hope it is worth it, and ÀDÙKÉThePlug is one of those whose stories inspire us.

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