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Lagos traffic: Staying safe and alive amidst rising insecurity

Over the years, many have argued on the sole cause of Lagos traffic, and while some are close to the root cause, we can say it is impossible to really determine what causes traffic in Lagos. For a state with over 20 million people, it is expected that the state is always busy with activities everywhere all the time of the day, and nights in some places. This is why they say Lagos is the city that never sleeps.

Lagos traffic

As hard as it is to control the traffic in Lagos, it is also becoming hard to control the security situation in the state. People are getting robbed inside Lagos traffic, and many others have expressed their fear of evening going about on Lagos roads at night.

The Lagos State Government, however, has been putting machinery in place to address the topic of security in the state and one can only commend the effort, seeing as robberies in Lagos traffic along with many other crimes has reduced in the state. But that should not stop you from taking precautions.

Speaking with a couple of people who know and understand Lagos, here are some safety precautions to help you stay safe whenever you are out in Lagos.

Know the hot zones

Depending on your level of street orientation, know when to walk where. This will save you a lot of trouble. Those hot zones can be relatively safe during the day, but walking or driving around in those places late at night might not be safe.

Places like Mushin, Ajegunle, Oshodi, Bariga, Fadeyi, and Agege are places you want to apply caution when you are there.

We advise that you avoid late-night movements in those places.

Your phone can put you in trouble

There have been reports of people who were robbed simply because they had their phones with them at night in some places in Lagos. For those who rob in Lagos traffic, a phone is the easiest thing they can take off you, and most times, they don’t mind harming you to take it from you.

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When you are walking on the road, in a bus, or in a car, you don’t want to be pressing your phone or making calls. When your phone is out of sight, you won’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

The culprits won’t hesitate to smash the windows of your car just to rob you. It has happened to people before and the only way to stop it from happening to you is to be cautious.

Know when to let go

Sometimes, you might feel you have the situation under control and want to argue or fight with anyone assaulting you, but that is not a very wise decision. Simply because you feel you can beat down your attacker doesn’t mean you should attempt it.

You should know they walk in groups and most times, they are armed with a weapon.

Some years ago, a young woman was stabbed by robbers, close to a car park in New Garage, Gbagada. She later died from the wound. You don’t want that to be you.


There are several other survival tips we can give but these are the most important ones we feel you should have at the back of your mind in your everyday life in Lagos. It goes a long way in helping you stay alive and unharmed.

Let us know some of your best safety precautions in the comment section as well.

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  1. This is much needed ooo, especially between Ketu to Mile 12, these guys i think use charm sometimes, with the speed and power they possess when it comes to snatching your valuables.

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