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Where there is no lawyer: What should the layman do?

Remember the book, “Where there is no Doctor” by David Werner, wherein remedies for different ailments were written for the reader’s consumption?

In the same vein, as a business owner, it doesn’t matter how small the business is, what can you do where there is no lawyer to regularize the state of legal events? Follow me and I will enlighten you on what to do where there is no lawyer.

  1. After dispensing with oral discussion/negotiation, and you have been brought on board to execute the contract or transaction, you should send an email or a letter of confirmation of oral instruction to your client.
  2. Make sure the content of the letter or email contains all the oral agreements entered, with regards to the contract, the duties, and obligations of all the parties involved.
  3. In the case where instructions were written or documented, and you have been assigned to execute the contract, there will still be a need to send a letter of confirmation, asking the client to confirm the prior written instruction.
  4. Take it a step further by sending the letter and have your client sign another copy of the letter, which is referred to as the “Acknowledgement copy”.
  5. Keep the acknowledgment copy as a personal copy for future references.

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However, If you want to legally protect yourself, hire a lawyer to prepare a proper agreement for you or help you review the contract before you sign it.

Remember, you are fully responsible for yourself when entering into any transaction.

May Our Head be Always Correct.
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