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Larinka Of Lagos: Events Happening In Lagos In November

The experience of living in Lagos is different for everyone. Without options to blow off some steam, it may be one hell of an experience! There’s already a full list of things to consider in addition to the everyday stress. 99 problems but Lagos Laif isn’t one.

With thoughts on how to help you have a social life with the everyday hustle of Lagos, we collated some events happening next month that might interest you.

These events cut across fashion, transport, tech, and career. Basically, while you have fun attending them, you will also get the opportunity to learn a thing or two.

Tech Summit Nigeria

The Tech Summit Nigeria is an event for industry executives and enthusiasts interested in Cloud and Mixed-Reality technologies.

Participants in this one-of-a-kind event will be able to get valuable information from industry pioneers located all around the globe. At this summit, we would like to extend an invitation to you to join us so that you may increase your skill set, get inspiration, and network with other industry experts.

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C.L.E.A.N: Moving the Career Needle Upward

C.L.E.A.N. stands for Connect, Learn, Energize, Achieve, and Network. It is the name of a mentorship platform that utilizes the power of storytelling to motivate individuals to modify their behaviors in order to realize their full professional and personal potential.


C.L.E.A.N. is geared toward working professionals in all phases of their lives who wish to stand out in their field and give themselves an advantage over other competitors.

The event will serve as a forum for between 100 and 150 individuals to engage in professional development activities such as networking and learning from renowned C-suite executives who have a combined experience of over 100 years.

It is anticipated that those who attend the event will be motivated to achieve their full potential and provided with valuable insights on how to advance their careers to the next level.

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The Source Textile & Apparel Expo

The exhibition is a must-attend for industry experts involved in the sourcing of completed or intermediate products, as well as design and production capacity from the clothing, accessories, and textiles industries.

The event offers an unparalleled chance to meet and conduct business with some of the world’s greatest suppliers of clothes, accessories, and textiles.

Source Textile & Apparel West Africa

The Source Textile & Apparel Expo is the event for you whether you want to optimize your supply chain, develop and explore export options, compare prices and services, manufacture your own label, diversify your brand, or source from 1000s of goods and ranges.

The event offers chances for both bulk sourcing and smaller operations, including start-ups, looking to connect with foreign suppliers.

Whether you are an established manufacturer, importer, trade buyer, agency, or designer, the event will inspire you.

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Lagos Transport Fest

Lagos Transport Fest will have high-level governmental and business sector discussions aimed at defining Nigeria’s transportation industry’s future. The event will mix seminars and exhibits, giving mobility companies a chance to present their brand offers to industry professionals.

Lagos transport fest

The event will offer a forum for mobility stakeholders to address infrastructure deficiencies, congestion, multimodal interconnection, investments, policy, and innovations. The event’s main focus is networking, which facilitates negotiations and engagements among transportation sector professionals.

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