Events in Lagos in December

Larinka Of Lagos: 4 Events Happening In Lagos In December

The experience of living in Lagos is different for everyone. Without options to blow off some steam, it may be one hell of an experience! There’s already a full list of things to consider in addition to the everyday stress. 99 problems but Lagos Laif isn’t one.

With thoughts on how to help you have a social life with the everyday hustle of Lagos, we collated some events happening next month that might interest you.

These events cut across fashion, digital, tech, and dance. Basically, while you have fun attending them, you will also get the opportunity to learn a thing or two.

Adire Heritage Festival

Adire Heritage Festival
Adire Heritage Festival.

The Adire Heritage Festival, regarded as the largest festival of African music and culture has returned. The festival brings together individuals from Nigeria and the diaspora, and this year, it is going to be larger and better than before.

The Adire Heritage Festival welcomes SME company owners from all around the nation to showcase not only their ready-made items but also their handcrafted African products. There will be many additional activities, such as the Sisi Adire pageantry, where the winner will be the Adire festival’s ambassador for the year, spoken words, and so on. The festival organizers will also name the vendor of the year.

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Nigeria Tech Summit

The Nigeria Tech Summit is described as the world’s most exclusive event, bringing together tech investors, entrepreneurs, and influencers who are establishing or utilizing platforms to enhance Nigerians’ future. The summit’s goal is to provide on-site workshop training, networking round tables, live Q&A sessions with speakers and sponsors, and to educate the principles of ecosystem development in the area.

This free live summit event will bring together delegates from throughout Nigeria and across the globe to address the future of employment, entrepreneurship, and education in Nigeria, which is experiencing its greatest level of young unemployment and civic discontent. Insights and projects harnessing technology and new inclusive approaches to advance Nigeria’s future will be highlighted.

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DigiClan Connect 2022

DigiClan 22

With the introduction of new technologies and ongoing changes in customer behavior, staying connected and using accessible data has become critical to driving growth across all digital channels.

Earth symbolizes the present, while Mars represents the future, based on the iconic “to the moon” slogan. DigiClan Connect ’22 will take a deeper look at what digital means today and what it may become in the future.

This conference will discuss the future of marketing and how people and corporations may participate in it.

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Ijoya Rumble Dance Electrified

Ijoya Rumble

Ijoya Rumble is rewarding Nigerian youths through the dance to stardom initiative. The event will spotlight the role of dance as a tool for advocacy, youth empowerment, and engagement.

With a mission to become the next biggest dance reality TV show in Nigeria, Ijoya Rumble taps into youthful energy to create a superstar.

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