Larinka: Afrofusion artist TMP is Bella Shmurda’s Kizo

Larinka is a monthly series on our platform that features, a person, a place or cover an event. As the name suggests, this series covers the many walks of the Lagos Laif team.

This month, we had a session with a fast-rising Afrofusion artist, TMP. He let us into his world of music, talking about his inspiration, his creative process and so much more.

Note: Some parts of this interview were edited to fit into the Lagos Laif tone.

Lagos Laif: Tell us about you. Who is TMP and how did you come up with that name?

TMP: TMP is an artist, songwriter, entertainer. TMP is an acronym for The Master Planner or Master P. You welcome lol. Well, came up with the name during my high school days as a “rapper” Inspired by G*Unit.

Lagos Laif: What first got you into music?

TMP: My dad is a music person, he plays those legendary records like KSA, Barrister and others, they sound so suiting each time he plays and at some point had to start playing these records myself just so I can sing along even though I don’t understand the lyrics but I just want to vibe.

Lagos Laif: What or who are the people that inspired you to start making music?

TMP: First I appreciate God for making it a clear vision, even though I was never a part of any church choir no one taught me how to backup songs. For example, when I was about 6-7 years of age, I could backup Shina Peters Experience album side 1 and 2 lol, and many other popular kinds of music out then. I just feel like this is what I could do with no stress and that feeling grows every day.

Lagos Laif: How would you describe the music that you typically create?

TMP: Hmmmm, I call my music conscious sound as music naturally is made up of feeling and passion.

Lagos Laif: There is a creative process to all works of art. What is yours like?

TMP: Music is not complete without the instruments, you know. It starts from the instrumental. I believe one has to really travel through the sound (instrumental) itself in other to get the actual vibe that fits and that’s actually the process in brief.

Lagos Laif: In the music industry right now, home and abroad, which artiste would you really like to collaborate with?

TMP: This paragraph won’t contain my list and since the goal is not just to create music but good music, I appreciate everyone making pretty good music home and away and love to work with them.

Lagos Laif: Have you had a period where you couldn’t get a sound out? How did you get over that period?

TMP: Well, sometimes it be that way. I just give it some time and get back to it. Sometimes I give the particular sound a couple of days, most times when I feel that way I know I need a break from the studio and that is when I go out there and catch my cruise (Re-fueling the mind lol). Play FIFA or any adventure. Oh, I like computer games.

Lagos Laif: What is the one thing that can make you change your sound?

TMP: Oh well! They say “change is a constant” you know that is nature speaking there which can’t be cheated. I believe in originality, and I know I am still developing, learning, and staying true to my sound.

Lagos Laif: We all need to relax often, what’s your own favorite thing to do to unwind?

TMP: As I mentioned earlier, I love computer games. My favorite is FIFA, lol and because I spend most of my time crafting my own sounds, I listen to other genres of music. I like highlife music, I also listen to some old school loop-beat raps.

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Lagos Laif: If you have the chance to open a show for any artiste at all, who would it be and why?

TMP: Bella Shmurda!!!! Bella’s originality is top-notch. We’ve all witnessed that in his music. He is also a very good supportive friend as well.

Lagos Laif: If you weren’t doing music right now, which career path would you be on?

TMP: If I am not making music I would be an actor or presenter. I just want to entertain.

Lagos Laif: Where have you performed? What are your favorite and least favorite venues?

TMP: I have performed in different venues, clubs, house parties, even bars, I don’t have a favorite venue. In fact, I am always grateful for that opportunity to reach out to my fans (offisials).

Lagos Laif: How do you feel the Internet has impacted the music business?

TMP: A lot!! I mean I have been making music since 2008 and I can easily tell the difference between now and then. Back then, it’s really stressful to put your music out there. We make use of CD to distribute our music. I remember going to computer village to purchase empty CDs so I can “burn” my music on them. Then I also have to start going to DJs, saloons to manually distribute my music to them. It’s a whole lot of stress because sometimes I mistakenly break the CD I want to distribute. Well, fast forward to now, we have tons of distribution companies who also help you monetize your music, thanks to the internet.

Aside from the companies, we have our social media platforms too to share music, all thanks to the Internet again!

Lagos Laif: Out of all your songs, which is your favorite song to perform and why that song?

TMP: NOBODY…That is the Intro of my debut EP (Astro Vibez EP). The song invokes the thoughts that regardless of the vibe around us at any moment and you feel “Nobody” knows your pains, but God knows.

Lagos Laif: Have you ever gotten into big trouble? What did you do?

TMP: I try as much as possible to stay away from trouble.

Lagos Laif: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

TMP: It will be accepting and helping each other, we rise by lifting others but lately it seems others are too heavy to lift. Artists should be able to work together without stressing one another.

Lagos Laif: What things have you learned about life and the human condition from being a celebrity/social media figure?

TMP: Life is the best teacher. I’ve learned to wait my time no matter how much pressure, God’s time remains the best. Also, taking responsibility and doing what you have to do on time, no excuses for failure. I don’t let it get to my head that oh I’m a celebrity this and that, I just want to keep growing, developing my sounds, and help those I can, everyone in our life is there for a reason and mostly some people are in your life to move you to the next level. We must treat each other with genuine love because God is love!!

Lagos Laif: Do you have any music projects coming up?

TMP: Oh yes! I have new music coming up with my friend Bella Shmurda titled “Kizo.” It’s set to be released on the 11th of June. It’s a great tune and y’all gonna love this one. Dangbana Republikans, you know the P!!!!

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