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“Lagos opened my eyes to different possibilities” – A 28-year-old’s story

Lagos Story is a weekly series that features a quick story of an individual who lives in Lagos, detailing why they came to Lagos and how the struggle has been.

This week, we spoke to Fawziyah, a 28-year-old lady who came to Lagos for her youth service and came to love it in Lagos and made a career here.

Note: This interview was edited to fit the tone of Lagos Laif.

What made you come to Lagos?

I was a young girl with a dream but I didn’t travel much and to be honest, I didn’t know there was much life anywhere outside of where I lived in Uyo, until my service year. I was posted to Lagos and all I could think of was how I would survive.

If there was anything I saw myself doing, it wasn’t leaving my comfort zone, but at that time, I was already thinking of a new adventure so I decided to come to Lagos instead of redeployment, and that has been the best decision I’ve made in a long while. Both career-wise and for my personal life.

Serving in Lagos opened my eyes to different possibilities that I didn’t know existed before I came here. Like being retained where I did my PPA. It was the main reason I started contemplating living fully in Lagos.

Even though my job here wasn’t paying that much, but over time, I was able to build.

What was the first mistake you made while you arrived?

I won’t really say it was a mistake because I didn’t really know much about Lagos. If not for God, I would have slept on the streets. 

I had heard of how notorious Lagos was when it comes to pickpocket so I was extra careful so I don’t lose my money. I packed everything I needed in one bag, including my money and even my phone. Because I had many bags that I needed to carry, I didn’t know how to move. Back then, the transport was not as easy as it is now because there was no Taxify or Uber back then. I called a yellow taxi and started going to my aunt’s place in Maryland.

All my other bags were packed in the boot but the one with my money, phone, and a laptop was with me in the car. Also, because I didn’t want to be removing money in the presence of the cab driver, I had taken out the money I needed from the bag.

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Sha, I forgot the bag with my phone, laptop and all the money I came to Lagos with. The cab driver refused to pick calls and that was how I became phone-less for a while when I got here.

Do you still think coming to Lagos was a wise decision?

Like I said earlier, coming to Lagos is still one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I’ve had the chance to work in one of the biggest creative agencies in Lagos. I can simply boast as one of the best designers in Lagos and I have so many people who look up to me. I live comfortably and I’m in a phase of my life where I can say I’ve achieved something.

I’ve also been able to raise money for my Master’s degree and soon, I’ll be bagging that. So, yes, coming to Lagos was a wise decision.

How often do you go back home?

I go home at least once yearly for Christmas. That I never miss because I get to see everyone. And once in a while, I go home for Easter too, depending on how free my schedule is at that time.

But I never miss going home for Christmas.

Final take away

One thing I can always tell everyone is to never let anything, anyone, or any situation stop them from living the dream. When you have a dream, wake up and chase that dream till it becomes reality.

If you don’t give up, and you keep chasing that dream, you will get what you want.

6 Replies to ““Lagos opened my eyes to different possibilities” – A 28-year-old’s story”

  1. I love how Fawziyah is winning in Lagos (plus I want to hug her for the first weeks she had in Lagos , it must have been daunting)

    1. The first week is daunting for most when it’s their first time in Lagos. Can you make the hug go round, please?

  2. “If you don’t give up and you keep chasing that dream, you’ll get what you want”… I should archive this word for other days.

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