National theatre

Can you name these places in Lagos off a single picture?

One of the perks of living in Lagos is that you can never be bored. Even for the most extreme introverts, there is a social life that you fit into. There are in-house cinemas, great restaurants, beaches, tourist attractions, nightlife, and so much more to experience.

On Lagos Laif Quiz this week, we want to test how much of an outgoing person you are, and how much attention you pay to details when you are out.

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This quiz will test your knowledge of places, using just one picture of those places, prompting you to pick where it is.

This should be fun!

Let's start easy. Can you name this place?

tafawa balewa square
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This is Tafawa Balewa Square, popularly know as Race Course. It is a ground for sport activities as well as large-gathering events in Lagos.

Let's go a bit tough. Which conservative center is this?

lekki conservation centre
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This is one of the walkways of the Lekki Conservative Centre located in Lekki

Feeling confident? Which place in Lagos is this?

National theatre
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This is the National Art Theatre. It is located in Iganmu, and receives hundreds of people in the art category yearly.

Can you correctly identify this park?

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This is the Tinubu Square located in Lagos Island.

Let's see if you can get this last one right. Where is this?

Correct! Wrong!

This is the Freedom Park located on Broad Street, Lagos Island.

Can you correctly name these places in Lagos off a single picture?
You need to go out more!

You are either the type that does not go out at all or who doesn't pay attention to details. Whichever you are, you need to go out more. See more places and have fun.
You too sabi!

You know Lagos like the back of your hand. You are the type who can easily find you way around Lagos as far as you have the landmark of the place you're going to.

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