Larinka: A day of magical Amala experience at Labule

One thing is to visit a place, another thing is to visit an interesting place. Such is the case for me when I decided to take a break from the stress in the year 2020. I have always been wanting to visit a suiting place in Lagos, a moment never to be forgotten, and a trip to Labule did it for me.

On this fateful day, a group of talented and progressive youths I belong to invited me for a hangout in Lagos. This was a great honor for me as I even planned to visit one of the best restaurants in Lagos, so I could enjoy myself and ease myself off work stress a little bit.

As a Yoruba, from Oyo State, I could not but craved a well-befitting place to eat Amala.

It is well known that Nigeria is a large country of different people, each distinct in its own way, every place with its own culture, food, and other things that makes us who we are. For me, Amala is one of those things that connects me with where I come from.

On the 23rd of December 2020, dressed in our gorgeous attires, with friends and loved ones, I got to fulfill my craving for the magic Amala always gives me, and Labule is to thank for it. How best could it have been when one strategically chose a convenient day and venue for ‘Amala Connect’.

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The moment you set foot in Labule, Ikeja branch,  we were taken by the level of courtesy, cleanliness and serenity. The place gives you get the feeling of craftsmanship and charm of a very conducive and interesting place to hangout. And then, mesmerizing food hits you!

Meanwhile, it is hard to argue with this statement that “if you have ever had Amala with Ewedu with gbegiri and lots of goat meat. If you don’t like Amala, I feel bad for you because you have absolutely no idea the kind of joy that eating Amala can be. To us, it is like heaven, winning the lottery, marrying the love of our lives, and having our first children all rolled into one.

Therefore, no matter where you are in the world, eating Amala reminds you of home, especially if you are Yoruba.

If you haven’t eaten Amala before and are intent on trying it out, the right first Amala experience is key.

Labule has rightly gained the reputation of being the best spot in Ikeja for all local dishes  – the chef and his team mean business. At Labule, the service also adds to the experience. The maitre d’ escorted us to our table and asked what we cared for.

On the more hardcore self of it, the restaurant has to offer a standard space for visitors. Though, despite the serenity, the Ikeja branch needs to do more on the space. Many of the visitors had to jam park themselves while ordering food, this isn’t so good.

It is also disappointing that the Ikeja branch is shifting away from the norm. Shifting away from the norm in the sense that they charge soup separately. This can’t be found in most restaurants. It is a norm that when you order for Amala, it is assumed they are charging you for both the Amala and soup.

Labule is a very interesting restaurant to visit. They sell all Nigerian dishes, including local foods.

9 Replies to “Larinka: A day of magical Amala experience at Labule”

  1. Great use of descriptive words. It was like, I went there with you.

    But then, how do you people manage to eat Amala and abula?

  2. Beautiful piece.
    I love the style/flow of the write up.
    Labule is a nice place to visit. The food is very good and the workers are courteous.

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