Funny things people do at Owambe that seems unreal

Owambe! A glamorous aspect of Nigerians’ lifestyle! It’s more or less a tradition for anyone who has something to celebrate. A time for everyone to come together to showcase their extraordinary fashion sense, topnotch jewelry, spotless make-up, and how financially buoyant a person is. And while there are some who just come to feed their eyes, eat good and free food accompanied with drinks of all sort, and just enjoy life for as long as the party goes.


Owambe is a get-together of a large crowd with different orientations and background, there will definitely be some funny things people do that seems so unreal and leaves you wondering if ‘na normal or ‘ment’.

We asked some Owambe guests about their personal experiences with this sort of thing and here are the replies we got!


I can’t and will never try to understand the logic behind fighting for food.

Fights that sometimes turn into a full-blown exchange of fists or words. Over FOOD!!! The food you could have eaten from your house. Wait! Are you here for the food or to celebrate with the celebrants!!!


People do a number of things that seem out of place at Owambes that really leave me wondering about their state of mind. Like ‘Overdressing pass person wey get party gan gan’, uninvited guests, the ones who come and eat and take pictures.

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The only thing I can think of that seems unreal right now is people asking for a second plate of food!!!


It looks absurd and really annoying.


It’s over-dancing for me.

We know life is stressful and parties are for unwinding but don’t come and turn someone’s party to Maltina Dance Hall na. Moderation is key in all things.


Owambe is always filled with drama and these unreal behaviors so as the celebrant or the guest, be ready to be entertained with all these and more!

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