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Eko Adventure: Highlighting Business And Entertainment In Lagos

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Life in Lagos is a combination of the good and the bad. How you handle that every day determines how you live and go about your everyday business. This is not to say the bad days won’t get to you as a human but that the good days could be more to look forward to than the bad.

Being the busy city of dreams where people never fully sleep, the busy everyday hustle of Lagos gives it the ruthless representation of work. Many truly believe that you can be anything you want to be in Lagos, as far as you are willing to work for it. To some extent, that is true. Simply because Lagos is a pool of opportunities, the possibilities of not being given the chance to thrive is eliminated. The rest depends on how much you want to succeed, how hard you are willing to work, and the skills you have to match up to your peers.

In this issue of Eko Adventure, we take you through an adventure of entertainment – highlighting an individual who works in the industry for the passion – and also business – of an entreprenuer and her everyday Hustle running her business. We also released the intro to our podcast series, the Eko Adventure Podcast Series, which by the way is iconic.

On this adventure, we aimed at excellence because giving anything less would be mediocre and that is not something that can be afforded in Lagos.

Sheriff Oshin

Humans Of Lagos

Adeniyi Adewoyin

Adeniyi Adewoyin: Journalist By Day, Music Artist By Night

Having the mindset that life doesn’t hand you everything you want and that you have to work hard to get things set the winners apart. Adeniyi Adewoyin is one of those winners who believes “if you want to eat, you have to work.” So works really hard. Unlike others, he works hard in two ways – a proper full-time job where he works as a journalist, and building his dreams where he’s a music artist.

Working for a big media outlet like The Nations Newspaper can be demanding, not to add building a musical career to that. We wonder how he is able to manage the two and still be able to deliver on both every day.


The Lagos Hustle: Through ÀDÙKÉThePlug, A Thriving Businesswoman In Lagos

In a conversation bordering on the ‘Lagos Hustle,’ we spoke to ÀDÙKÉ, a Businesswoman from the Ilupeju area of Lagos on the challenges of running her business, how Lagos impacts how she runs her business and one thing she’ll commend Lagos for.

Eko Adventure Podcast Series: An Intro Into A Whole New Type Of Adventure

Let's Talk Eko: On Becoming The Largest Mega City In The World

Broad Street, Eko Ile

Larinka Of Lagos: 4 Events Happening In Lagos In December

Events in Lagos in December

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