DJ Chocolate Thvnder: Switching Career And Killing It

Growing up in Mushin, Lagos is one hell of a ride. The environment is tough, and the type of people you interact with everyday influences your life in an entirely different way, but Kofoworola Bhadmus popularly known as DJ Chocolate Thvnder is proof that truly, ‘white pap can come out of a black pot.’

For someone who studied Actuarial Science at the University of Lagos, it’s fascinating that he has built and managed the operations of several brands, worked in marketing and is now a Disc Jockey, adding that spark and excitement at parties all over the country.

Growing up around music had a lot of influence on how aware he is of pop culture, and even before he chose to become a DJ, Bhadmus has always been the life of the party.

On Eko Adventure, we had a conversation with the multi-talented Disc Jockey, going through his background, balancing the life of Kofoworola Bhadmus – the PR Consultant – and DJ Chocolate Thvnder, when he decided to become a DJ, and much more.

DJ Chocolate Thvnder
Kofoworola Bhadmus, also known as DJ Chocolate Thvnder.

This interview is edited for grammar and tone to fit the Lagos Laif editorial standard. Apart from that, all responses are entirely what the guest said.

Eko Adventure (EA): Tell us about yourself.

DJ Chocolate Thvnder (CT): My name is Kofoworola Bhadmus. I grew up with 2 other siblings but am now left with one, my older sister passed away in 2019 so yeah; I was (still) the only boy. I attended the University of Lagos and studied Actuarial Science.

I think my childhood was somewhat unlike many of the people I know, sometimes we were allowed to watch TV till late and listened to many hip-hop songs growing up. We had a very strict upbringing most especially because my Mother was a teacher at the time (a no-nonsense one at that) but that didn’t stop us from enjoying pop culture to the fullest. Also maybe that was possible because my Father was a fashion designer until his death in 2018.

I am Jack of many trades. Keeping it simple, I’m a PR Consultant and Disc Jockey.

EA: What is one cool thing people don’t know about you?

CT: I’m not sure there’s a thing people don’t know about me. I’ve been very expressive about my person to any and everybody, so I can’t really say.

EA: Can we say Kofoworola Bhadmus and DJ Chocolate Thvnder are the same?

CT: Most definitely, yes. But Kofoworola Bhadmus and Kazebleek are two different people.

EA: How then do we differentiate between DJ Chocolate Thvnder and Kazebleek?

CT: First thing is I have a big heart and I am a happy person. So being myself is the easiest thing to do because I actually do love DJing so much, I wished I knew wayyyyy before. I also don’t need to switch to Kazebleek, everything takes form naturally.

EA: When did you decide to start DJing and what prompted the idea?

CT: I started DJing during the pandemic and it was simply because I needed to find an extra source of income. My sister had just passed and I needed every money I could get.

EA: Do you have any regrets about switching to become a DJ?

CT: The only regret I have is not starting 10 years ago because if you asked those who have known me from way back, I’ve been that music guy at parties. How I didn’t get the memo pisses me off.

EA: If you get the chance to open the show for any Nigerian artist right now, who will you choose, and why?

CT: I would like to say Wizkid or Davido because that will be HOOGE but that will be Wande Coal. That man has jaaammmms and the crowd is always hungry for it.

EA: How does living in Lagos help you grow, career wise?

CT: Being a DJ in one of the busiest cities on the continent just gives you access to a larger pool of clients and more avenues to showcase your craft.

EA: When you’re not working, where is the spot to catch you having fun?

CT: Mennnn, I will be at home playing video games, NBA2K preferably.

DJ Chocolate Thvnder

EA: What do you think about the nightlife in Lagos?

CT: Nightlife in Lagos is far from what it is supposed to be. It is a show for a selected few and not fun for most but glad a couple of people are putting in the work to improve it. Shoutouts to Chiby of South Social Fridays.

EA: Rating yourself on the street radar in Lagos, how much of a Lagos guy are you?

CT: Omo I am fully street oo! I grew up in Mushin, just that I am educated and I am also a liverless guy. If we have to shed blood, na there my power no dey but if it’s that we should raise voice for each other, count me in.

EA: Say something cool to your audience the Lagos Way!

CT: My people, what’s good! You already know, it’s your boy Chocolate Thvnder in the building with my Lagos Laif peoples. Keep reading, never lose guard!


As much as we hammer on the ways that different environments shape lives, there are those who lived and grew up in the roughest parts of Lagos but turn out fine.

Reminiscing over that Olamide’s song that said “I’m like a storybook for the ghetto kids wey wan touch the sky,” DJ Chocolate Thvnder comes to mind. So, whenever you want to let the environment you find yourself in pull you down, remind yourself that a kid from Mushin grew up to become one of the most sought-after DJs in Lagos, the city of dreams.

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