Childhood memories Generation Zers missed out on

Hi Guys, Welcome to the Lagos Memoirs Column!

It going to be an adventurous ride and we can’t wait to share the vibes, memories and moments of our lives as old as our childhood or as recent as that yesterday’s incidents you can’t wait to share with your groupies.

We are throwing it out right now, that you can share these moments with us as well.

Damn, we love gist and Lagos Memoirs is down for you!

For our debut post, we thought to share some childhood memories and games.

Let’s check out the following:

Rolling Tyres

This is the ride of all times. Interesting how the best and convenient way to roll your tyre was being in just pant (as in pata). Swinging along to the flow of the breeze whilst we subtly make it look like a race. Then, there is this acting skill that comes you a kid stopping by to pump their tyre (Omo!)

rolling tires

It gets better when its raining. Pure Bliss!

Rubber Game

Rubber bands have several purposes of existence, from holding a packet of spoons together to packing our hairs and other boring stuff. Little did the creators know we will create a game out of it. The cruise about this game is how you just keep using your pocket money to buy rubber band, wahala for who dem they chop back to back (I need my body back).

That moment when the rubbers are slightly pecking each other then we need VAR to settle it (E chop abi e no chop).

Drinking Water Directly from a Tap

This memory plays better when everyone is setting to their various destinations after school hors and embarking on that group walk. We do a lot of things on the road like stopping to buy snacks, watch amusing happening, and gist. We do get thirsty too, and it’s so easy to find a borehole along the road (problem solved).

Can you relate?

The elites amongst us back then would nicely place their two hands together, two inches below the tap and drink. But hoodlums don’t know how to behave, they just kiss the tap (No be like so e suppose be o)


This game was fun! deliberately typed in capital letters because that’s how we used to shout “I CALL ON” and “STOP”. It’s so cool how this game actually helped build retentiveness and athletic skill. Imagine the anchor calling on you and you don’t remember your name, meanwhile everyone has ran 10kms away from you. How do you catch anyone with just three jump attempts? E don be!

Mummy and Daddy: If you played Mummy/Daddy and you are still single, we sincerely don’t know what you are waiting for (Actually, the creator of this post is unmarried, don’t worry, lol). All that sand, imaginary delicacies and paper money, we were naively rich. Another interesting memory that can be tied to this is making homes out of sand.

Gool Ol’ Days!

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