BAN Lagos - Wives and Women (1)

BAN Lagos Speaks On Women Involvement In Nation Building

BAN, an association of fine gentlemen across nations has been in existence for decades, majorly raising men of reputable character.

However, over the years, as it is with many associations, there have been ‘bad eggs’ who either through the thirst for power or simply from the negativity of the environment have sought to drag the name of the association in the mud.

BAN, refuses to be reduced to that, and in line with that, BAN Chapter of the association in Lagos has been holding different events and programs as a way for the society at large to see what it stands for.

One of such events is the recently concluded seminar held to celebrate women.

At the seminar, there are several questions asked on the stand of the association concerning women’s welfare, the state of involvement of women in government, and much more.

BAN Lagos - Wives and Women
Wives of members of BAN Lagos Chapter.

Below are some of the questions that caught our attention and the answers we got.

Question: So what is the role Nigerian women are expected to play in the growth and development of our Nation

Answer: Women have a very major role to play in the growth of our dear country.

Male and Female exist to create a balance in the world, Nigeria inclusive.

Women are critical thinkers and they in their capacity in any office take up the merit and demerit all the time before they take action on anything.

Train up a girl child for a better society, which means they balance the Economy with their composed personalities with lesser irrational decisions.

Train a woman, train a nation…No wonder, a country is referred to as ‘she.’

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Q: What is the real state of involvement and participation of women in the Nigerian government?

A: Gone are the days when women were relegated to the kitchen and the other room. I will tell you comfortably that government and governing start from our homes which means a woman will make sure that the home is running fine while the man is out to make ends meet, even though this narrative is changing now.

Fast forward to our recent society, without too many words, presently, the role of women is being acknowledged in our banking sectors, majority of the top leadership of the banks are women and they are doing extremely well. That shows that when given the opportunity to serve, they will serve with passion.

Give a Woman a Chance to Lead.

Members of BAN Lagos Chapter
Some members of BAN Lagos Chapter.

Q: Does Lagos BAN have any program in place to empower Nigerian women and girls?

A: We have observed based on our survey that not all women are interested in the 8 am – 5 pm daily routine job due to the peculiar characteristics of Lagos and balancing home and work, traffic, the kids, etc.

BAN Lagos chapter has decided to train women in different skills, not limited to Large Catering, Baking, Tailoring, etc. The truth is that the Nigerian population is enough to make any business thrive, just make sure you know your onions.

Q: What are Lagos BAN’s views on the state of Nigeria.

A: A lot needs to be done, but this can only happen when we recognize the fact that irrespective of tribal, religious, and social differences, we are one Nigeria and our differences should be our strength.

BAN does not discriminate against any tribe nor tongue be it of this nation or another and that has been our strength so far, if this is replicated in Lagos, we will do so good

Q: Lastly, BAN as a reputable organization should advise the Nigerian people and govt on the current security challenges and the 2023 general election.

A: We have decided that for the country to take better shape, you and I need to get involved for the betterment of our dear country.

We will get involved in the forthcoming election and also speak to all other chapters in other states on the projection we want to follow but that will be decided on as we get close to the election period, with major emphasis on competence and mission of any intending aspirant.

Let us make Nigeria Great Again.

Conclusion – What to expect from BAN Lagos in the coming days)

In the coming days, BAN Lagos has several events planned, ranging from social events to their regular CSR, and this association puts in the work to make our society a better place.

It is not just talking the talk with them but also backing it up with the action.

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