Adeniyi Adewoyin

Adeniyi Adewoyin: Journalist By Day, Music Artist By Night

Having the mindset that life doesn’t hand you everything you want and that you have to work hard to get things set the winners apart. Adeniyi Adewoyin is one of those winners who believes “if you want to eat, you have to work.” So works really hard. Unlike others, he works hard in two ways – a proper full-time job where he works as a journalist, and building his dreams where he’s a music artist.

Having studied Mass Communication at Lagos State Polytechnic and the National Open University Of Nigeria respectively, Adeniyi works in one of Nigeria’s foremost media outlets, telling stories that capture the daily Nigerian realities in entertainment.

Working for a big media outlet like The Nations Newspaper can be demanding, not to add building a musical career to that. We wonder how he is able to manage the two and still be able to deliver on both every day.

On Eko Adventure, we had a conversation with the multi-talented Journalist, going through his education, his inspiration, achievements, and much more.

This interview is edited for grammar and tone to fit the Lagos Laif editorial standard. Apart from that, all responses are entirely what the guest said.

Eko Adventure (EA): Tell us about yourself (background, education, career)

Adeniyi Adewoyin (AA): My name is Adeniyi Adewoyin also known as Neo Phlames. I’m a journalist and artiste. A graduate of Mass Communication from Lagos State Polytechnic and National Open University Of Nigeria respectively. I’m an indigene of Oyo State. 

EA: What inspires you to do the work you do both in your day-to-day work and on your side gigs?

AA: Well, knowing that poverty is real and if you want to eat you have to work. My inspiration is my dream because I’m quite ambitious and the only way to achieve my goals is to work. However, I love being a journalist because of so many things one of them is the ability to inform and educate. As an artist, it’s been there since my secondary school days, it’s my passion. Music is the only thing I’ve been doing tirelessly. I love music for no reason. 

EA: Take us through your best and worst Lagos traffic experience.

AA: There is no best moment for me in Lagos traffic. It’s a crazy experience that you can’t escape so far as you are in Lagos. I’ve lost gigs and money due to traffic even when I leave home early. Lagos traffic is unpredictable but thanks to Google Maps for helping out these days.

EA: What recent achievement would you say you’re really proud of?

AA: A lot but the most recent is being selected among so many brilliant Nigerian entertainment journalists as an international voter for the upcoming Golden Globe awards in America. I feel honored and grateful. I’m proud! 

EA: What is your favorite place to hang out in Lagos?

AA: That would be the beach. Aside from that, any calm and nice place. We have a lot of nice places in Lagos. 

EA: In your industry, who is that one person you look up to?

AA: I look up to everyone doing great things in the media and music industry as well. No particular name but everyone doing good work and inspiring young people out there. 

EA: What is the best project you’ve worked on so far?

AA: As a journalist, that’s my recent report on strip clubs. As an artist, that should be my upcoming Extended Play. I can’t wait to share it with the public. I put a lot of concentration into everything I do because I’m a lover of results, that’s why I don’t like to rush things.

EA: What is that one place where you can work and chill out as well?

AA: Still the beach on a weekday because it would be less crowded and I can think straight. 

EA: How will you say working in Lagos as a writer and singer impacted or influenced your work?

AA: I always say that as much as Lagos is a land of opportunities it’s also left to you to grab the opportunity when it comes. Lagos has a lot of influence in my career and profession and even my personal life because I was born here and I’ve lived all my life here. I’m most grateful that I grabbed the good influences. Lagos influenced my ability to be sharp, think, and make smart decisions. 

EA: Rating yourself on the street radar in Lagos, how much of a Lagos guy are you?

AA: 7/10

EA: Tell your audience something cool about the Lagos Way!

AA: My mothers child, don’t sleep! Ji masun!!


Lagos is truly a place where dreams come true and Adeniyi Adewoyin is one of those living up to that saying. Daily, people like him wake up to chase their dream, always armed with a winning mentality.

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