4 set of people that are likely to ruin your day in Lagos

Living in Lagos sometimes can be an extreme sport. If it’s not Lagos traffic, it’s other factors like people doing things that affect you directly or indirectly. From the Danfo drivers to the law enforcement officers, going around Lagos without tough skin is not the way to go.

Looking at everyday life in Lagos, here are some sets of people that are likely to ruin your day either directly or indirectly.

Bus conductors & drivers

On the list of people who can ruin your day without even trying much, bus conductors and drivers in Lagos assume the god level. This is simply because they effortlessly frustrate every other set of people on this list.

They will frustrate the LASTMA officials by disobeying traffic laws. They will frustrate the BRT task force official by taking over the BRT lane. They will frustrate the agberos by refusing to pay them. And worst of all, they will frustrate you, either by refusing to give you the balance of your money or taking you past your bus stop when you are already late for that job interview.

No matter what you do though, you cannot avoid this set of people in Lagos. Either you use commercial transport and have to deal with them, or drive your own car and still have to avoid them scratching your car from their reckless driving.

LASTMA (Lagos State Traffic Management Authority)

The worst enemy to the bus drivers in Lagos is the LASTMA officials. You’ll see them at almost every bus stop, especially on the major roads, waiting for the bus drivers to make a mistake so they can make the day a miserable one for them.

Most of the time, they don’t care about the people inside the buses they stop, and on the days you are in a hurry to get somewhere, all they will do is leave you stranded.

This set of people will ruin the bus drivers’ & conductors’ day while indirectly ruining other people’s days too.

BRT Taskforce official

These sets of people are like birds of prey carefully preying on what to tear apart.

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You’ll see their patrol vans parked in a hidden place close to the BRT lanes, or patrolling in the lanes while carefully checking for drivers that will mistakenly or intentionally move into the BRT lane.

They are more on the road from Ketu to Maryland because the BRT lanes from there connect to the main road, and that is where they hold most drivers for offenses they don’t even know they committed.

Private or commercial, no one is safe when it comes to this set of people. They can ruin your whole day in a second.


On the list of a Lagos bus driver’s worst enemy, an agbero falls on either first or second.

This set of people will tell you they are not robbers but if you look at them closely, the only thing robbers use and the agberos don’t is guns.

  • Force? They use it.
  • Take things others don’t want to give them? Yes, please.
  • Cause bodily harm because you won’t give them what they want? Absolutely.

Their actions might not affect you directly, but if you drive a danfo in Lagos, this set of people can ruin your mood within the blink of an eye.


This set of people are not the type you can easily avoid. Everyday life in Lagos revolves around them, as you’ll come across two or more of them every day while going about your day-to-day activities. All we can advise is for you to develop tough skin so that issues don’t affect you quickly.

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