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4 reasons your Lagos apartment might be flooded

There are a variety of reasons why we are susceptible to flooding, but for the sake of this article, we will be concentrating on flooding during the rainy season. Before we get into the effects of flooding, let us take a look at what flooding is.

The term flood is the accumulation of enormous volumes of water on otherwise dry ground.

In almost every case, flooding causes damage to properties and jobs.

Read more on the types of damages flooding can cause here.

Based on the area affected or the length of time it rained, they may recede almost immediately or take days or months to subside.

Let us take a quick look at the reasons your apartment in Lagos could be flooded.

Blockage of Gutters

The primary thing that leads to a Lagos apartment getting flooded during the rainy season is garbage lying in the drainage channels, which blocks the passage of water to the canals or what-have-you for the government to direct the water to.

For instances in which your gutters flood because they are clogged, you can clean them close to the beginning of rain to allow rainwater to flow freely.

Overflow of River

Staying close to a river in a low-lying area can result in a flooded apartment due to excessive water levels in the river system.

An extended period of heavy rainfall can result in a river overflowing its banks. Overflowing rivers are also caused by excavations and mining activities below and above ground.

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Roofing Leaks

If your apartment roof has holes or cracks, it is at risk of leaking. You should consider having a professional inspect your roof once a year if you can to prevent water issues in the future.

In cases where it is just water seeping through the roof and you cannot ascertain the source, you can look for the visible signs of dampness or stains, signs of water damage. Taking these steps will allow you to implement adequate measures.

Land Use

If your apartment is close to a river in Lagos, this sort of problem is quite common. As a result of a rise in non-permeable surfaces like sewers, water carries swiftly and directly, resulting in flooding.

This one might have happened to most of us if not all of us in Lagos. Leaving your windows open during the rainy season and returning to find your property sloshing in the water (very painful).


While I know that we cannot control how flooding affects us, there is a general saying that if you are looking for an apartment in Lagos, going during the rainy season, will save you plenty of heartaches. But also, it helps to start paying attention to our immediate environment.

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