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3 people talk about their favorite hangout spot in Lagos

In Lagos, people work hard and play even harder. It’s no wonder you see hangout spots in almost every part of the city. From the minibars to the lounges, and the biggest clubs. Lagos is filled with people who like to chill.

You can’t blame anyone, not with the kind of stress people go through every day with traffic, people yelling at each other, etc. One thing that makes that go away is knowing that almost everyone has their own favorite spot. Somewhere they cool off and let the whole stress go away.

Here are what five people have to say about their own favorite spot.


One of my favorite spots would be Farm City, Ogudu. 

Growing up I’ve never been a fan of extremely loud music or an unsettled environment. Farm City, Ogudu is just that perfect spot for me. Calm music that I don’t have to yell to communicate, neither do I need a DJ to turn down the music so I could make calls. A settled atmosphere, perfect for friends hangout, a causal date with a beautiful lady, you could think of it as a spot for business talk too. Affordable drinks and table game like snooker. It’s also a serene place to watch football matches with other football enthusiasts and have reasonable and eye-opening conversations.

Ever since I’ve been visiting this spot, I’ve always met mature minds, good security, waiters with courtesy, parking space, the beautiful interior too I must say, excellent service overall. I’m sure I’d revisit as the standard is maintained.

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My favorite hangout spot in Lagos at the moment is Hi-Impact, located along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

It wasn’t built with the thought of children only but for adults as well with the coolest facilities. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or young at heart.

Hi-Impact has literally everything that will bring you childhood memories and make you feel like a kid again. With varieties of games, swings, rollercoasters, electronic games, fun rides, and all. It also has nice food and a restaurant, and also a guest house which is amazing! 

I had a wow time there no doubts. I experienced and relived my childhood in less than 5 hours!


My favorite hangout spot in Lagos is Danfo Bistro, in Ikoyi.

I love the whole setting with the Lagos-inspired theme. With the side attraction of the cut-out danfo at the rooftop. This should be where they got the name Danfo on the rooftop. It’s a whole refreshing scenery, and I have to say the creativity behind that is top class.

Talking about service, their Lemonade is top-notch. It’s a blend of classy sweetness for me, one of the things I enjoy most about the place. Not to forget their Jollof rice. It’s fire!!!!!!!

From the taste of the amazing food to the lemonade, the scenery, and the cool environment, the class of people that come to Danfo Bistro is also one of the reasons it’s my favorite. It’s a spot away from home where you can feel comfortable as if you’re at home.


Finding a hangout spot in Lagos is hard, especially if you don’t know where to look. With people stating their favorite, you have enough to go to for a while, have fun and ease off the pressure.

Take off time from the normal Lagos stress and give yourself a weekend of fun. We are rooting for you.

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