Lagos Owambe

3 people share their favorite thing about Lagos Owambe

There is no party like a Lagos Owambe. There are lots of things to look forward to and the fun is never-ending, and that is why those who live in Lagos believe Lagos Owambe is the king of them all. From the fiery, mouth-savoring food, to the good-looking people, the different dance moment, and all the fun moments, you can’t but just have fun at a Lagos Owambe.

We spoke to three people about their favorite part of a Lagos Owambe, and these are what they had to say.


Ahn Ahn! Why do people go for Owambe again if not for the FOOD? I especially just love how they stew the meat for parties , especially yoruba parties. There is something about the party food, I do not know if it is the firewood or the massive cookware they use in cooking the taste is just different, almost heavenly.

My favorite food to eat at any owanbe is Amala, the complete package ooo, with ewedu, gbegiri and the assorted meat, such a power meal and this amala is not the prepacked one oo. It is that one where the Amala is being prepared at the venue gan gan , let’s call it onsite Amala.

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It’s always a 100 for me and I recommend it at every Owambe.


It is the food and the dancing for me. I do not live in Nigeria, so any chance to go for an Owambe is a plus for me. The way we dance is so contagious that even if you do not know how to dance, you must ‘shake body.’

Then don’t get me started on the food, the way the flavors explode in your mouth bite after bite.

It is the ofada rice and its sauce for me, I feel like it should be our national meal because that combo hits the spot time after time.


Asides from the food which is like normal,  I am just always excited to see the different looks at the party. As someone who works as a creative, I just love to see how women put together their ensembles for parties

Let me first start with the food, as someone who didn’t have her first taste of Amala until 3 years ago. Anywhere Amala is served,  you must find me there (let us say a word of prayer for the person that found this meal out)

I love love love how women dress to the T from the gele to the makeup and then the shoes, like we put so much thought into looking good at owanbes.


For all of us down here, we won’t miss a Lagos Owambe for anything. That is mostly because we cannot afford to miss the fun, and the thrills it gives us. While we have fun, we also get to network with people. Lagos Owambe is the place for us.

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