7 thoughts on “3 people in Lagos share their waste disposal process

  1. Even in my area, waste disposal is not smooth and easy. We have a specific day that our wastes are being picked up

  2. Waste disposal has improved in some parts of Lagos truly but not all. Take for example, In Ikorodu, people literally throw their trash inside canals. Their lucky days are the rainy days. They wait until it starts pouring and then go to the canals to pour their trash, which isn’t also a good method of waste disposal to me.

    1. It’s not a good disposal system at all, and I assume the Lagos state government is working to make it better for them.

  3. At Ikorodu here there is no system or a body responsible for that, if there is, it definitely will be expensive. You have to walk down to Ikorodu garage to pour the dirt away (there’s a Psp truck there).

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